Thursday, December 13, 2007


Last night i was introduced to something that looks like it came straight out of ABC's Lost television show. One of our Techs that manages our phone system brought it in and tested our T1 lines. Essentially how it works is that you hook it up to the inbound and outbound part of the T1 and it graphically shows you whether the signals match. It had tons of little knobs and dials on it and did not look like your normal piece of electronics from my generation.

After the unnamed tech had diagnosed that the problem was not his he proceeded to show his nerd dominance to our provider. It was quite comical, and i think i enjoyed it too much. Anyway, i thought it was definitely worth a post. Unfortunately you will have to go to wikipedia's entry on it to figure out the exact details.

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marci said...

That's classic! Awesome 'old-school' tech gear dude!