Thursday, December 13, 2007

Initial Mass Effect Review

So I played a little Mass Effect last night and got blown away by how big the game really is.

What i really like is that you can change the weapons and use the abilities of your 2 npc's. I also really like the characters and the voice over talent that they used in the game. It is some of the best voice acting i have ever seen. It is very immersive, and makes you feel like you really are part of the story. ***SPOILER*** I got all the way up to the part where i took over the ship that the captain is using at the front of the game. Come on, this is a Bioware game, you knew it was going to happen any way right. The story is pretty cool because it immerses you in the lore of all the different races and what the political backgrounds and cultures are.

The game involves alot of dialog. It is a little different then other games because you actually control the emotion of your character, and that creates alternating dialog paths. All of the emotional responses are to the right on the dialog tree, and the responses on the left seem to be more for inquisition.

There are some gripes. I dont like the framerate, and i am not sure how i feel about some of the long elevator rides and so forth. I guess i just need to get used to the slow play. These type of games always play slower, and that is more of a style then anything else.

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